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Watch: Beck, Thurston Moore, Tortoise continue to cover Yanni

on July 08, 2010, 4:51pm

Back in 2010, I quipped to a friend, “Sure, I’ll start working out. As soon as Beck, Thurston Moore, and Tortoise hole up in a recording studio to cover Yanni’s Live at the Acropolis.” Boy are my legs sore today.

Last week, the first track off the Yanni’s album, Santorini, got the Beck’s Record Club treatment. Funky 7/4 grooves were mixed with Thurston Moore singing about fire, and Beck singing about a Bluethooth® to great success. This week, we shift gears and move more towards Tortoise’s comfort ground toying in experimental free-rock and contemporary avant-classical influences with track two of Yanni’s album, “Keys To Imagination” (via Some Kind Of Awesome).

The ingenuity and imagination in this room is mind-blowing as they flow in and out of various grooves and styles while still keeping the structure of this god-forsaken Yanni song at the heart of the cacophony. Kudos to you all, you’ve got the Midas touch. Check out both versions of “Keys To Imagination” below.

Presumably, look for “Until The Next Moment”, track three off of Yanni’s Live At The Acropolis, next week.

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