The Stone Roses release new anthology

on August 31, 2010, 9:45am

The Stone Roses released two albums in six years. This isn’t exactly prolific, and if you believe the dates an online search throws up, those two albums spanned a 12-year career for the band (which did go through a few lineup changes prior to the the self-titled debut’s 1989 release).

That said, the band’s debut album was a game-changer (in the UK especially). Featuring the “classic” lineup of Ian Brown, John Squire, Gary “Mani” Mountfield, and Alan “Reni” Wren, the record led the charge of the so-called Madchester bands and inspired the likes of Oasis, James, The Charlatans, and Happy Mondays.

Following the debut, the band attempted to cash in on their success and sign with a major label deal. The one problem? The band’s first label, Silvertone, had no desire of letting the Roses out of their original contract. Cue a sometimes nasty and protracted legal dispute between The Stone Roses and Silvertone, culminating in the band signing to Geffen Records in 1991. The result is no songs from the Geffen period appearing on their latest anthology, Collection.

If you’re keeping score, you’ll notice that the ratio of anthology/compilation to studio album is about 3:1. Per Slicing Up Eyeballs, latest retrospective covers the band’s Silvertone Records era, and as such the album will not feature any tracks from the band’s sophomore album, The Second Coming.

The new compilation also does not feature any previously unreleased or new material. Even stranger, “Waterfall” is the only album single to be included. The John Squire artwork from the single now doubles as the Collection cover art.

Among the other tracks found are several of the band’s non-album singles, including “Fool’s Gold”. There are also a number of the period’s B-sides, inlcuding “Going Down”, “Guernica”, and “Standing Here”. Rounding out the album are “Mersey Paradise”, a demo featured on last year’s The Stone Roses 20th anniversary expanded reissue and a remix of “Fool’s Gold” by A Guy Called Gerald.

The album is out now in the UK, and the full track list can be seen below.

Collection Tracklist:
01. Fool’s Gold
02. Waterfall
03. This Is The One
04. Elephant Stone
05. Guernica
06. (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister
07. Shoot You Down
08. What The World Is Waiting For
09. One Love
10. Something’s Burning
11. Don’t Stop
12. Mersey Paradise
13. Going Down
14. Standing Here
15. Simone
16. Fools Gold (A Guy Called Gerald Top Won Mix)

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