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Check Out: Kanye West – “Devil in a New Dress”

on September 04, 2010, 1:45pm

Kanye West may be holding our Friday nights hostage from now until Christmas, but the result has already led to a remix of “Power”, the Beyonce-featuring “See Me Now”, and the Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Bon Iver and Rick Ross-aided “Monster”. So yeah, maybe sitting in front of my computer since 7pm waiting for Kanye’s next G.O.O.D. Friday offering isn’t on the same realm as PBR-fueled benders and drunk vegan food truck experiences, but at least the music’s good. Plus, you just can’t beat gin and diet Gingerale. Yum.

For G.O.O.D. Friday, part four, the Chicago based rapper has shared “Devil in a New Dress”, a song which is rumored to be included on West’s still untitled fifth studio album. Compared to his other recent joints, the track is rather minimal in nature. It clocks in at less than three minutes and features no guest contributors. In fact, it’s the accompanying beat which actually makes the post-midnight release worth our time.

You can stream below, and I’ll now go pass out. Dear Kanye, maybe next time we can drop the song a little closer to daylight hours? Thanks.

Check Out:
“Devil in a New Dress”

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