Coachella 2011's best fake lineups

on January 12, 2011, 7:14pm

Coachella. Obviously, its lineups are the reason for its iconic nature, but the speculation in the months leading up to each year’s announcement often proves to be just as fun. Especially when it comes to the fake lineup posters that float around the web, confusing some, causing laughter for others. Below are some of the best examples for Coachella’s latest edition. David Bowie? Talking Heads? Phish playing the Vermont Men’s Basketball team? Need we say more?

P.S. For those wondering, the official lineup for Coachella 2k11 is expected to reveal itself sometime this month. See all the real life speculation here.

coachella fake 2 Coachella 2011's best fake lineups

What Makes It Great: Daft Punk, Tom Petty, The Strokes, and Manu Chao on the same night.

What Gives It Away: My eyes are bleeding. Plus, Billy Corgan’s band is on it.

coachella 2011 fake 8 Coachella 2011's best fake lineups

What Makes It Great: R.E.M. into U2. Lauryn Hill, The Postal Service, Tom Tom Club, One Day As a Lion.

What Gives It Away: Lauryn Hill would have to show up on time.

coachella fake 5 Coachella 2011's best fake lineups

What Makes It Great: Talking Heads.

What Gives It Away: Talking Heads.

coachella fake 12 Coachella 2011's best fake lineups

What Makes It Great: David Bowie and Outkast are way overdue.

What Gives It Away: See where it says “FAKE”?

coachella 2011 fake 11 Coachella 2011's best fake lineups

What Makes It Great: Jay-Z and Eminem discussing the global ramifications of Portugal’s impending debt sale …Guns N’ Roses’ tiny inclusion… Daryl Strawberry. Basically, everything.

What Gives It Away: Give me a break, man.

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May 30, 2011 at 4:19 am

3M Orlando Nike Air Force Ones

I spoke about Emmanuelabor’s Pennies from Heaven Air Force Ones yesterday in length. The Air Force Ones shown in this post complete the designer’s thread regarding Anfernee womens nike free Penny Hardaway. These special shoes are less obvious for sneaker fans unfamiliar with the NBA guard’s career than the simple penny design used previously.
Emmanuelabor used the black/silver/blue colorway featured on old Orlando cheap nike free 3.0 Magic jerseys as the palette for these customs. The center womens air max 95 panel is kept dark blue with a black swoosh to match the dark blue outsole. The designer applied silver paint to the rest of the shoe that creates slight reflection with direct light.
I think the Pennies cheap nike 6.0 mavrk from Heaven design is stronger than the 3M Orlando shoe. The small touches and unique color of the Pennies from Heaven Air Force Ones are refreshing in a market filled with silver, black and blue shoes. I hope that Emmanuelabor uses his love of basketball and custom design to pump out some more sneakers in the near future.


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