Portishead lay down recording rules for their new album

on January 05, 2011, 6:23pm

Other than being musicians, there’s not whole lot that Kanye West and English trip-hop outfit Portishead have in common. But if there is anything other than that they both make music with the word “hop” in it, it’d have to be that they’re all ardent believers in living by a strict set of rules (via Aux). Also, they all seem to really love marble tables.

In a mighty blast of Twitter activity, producer/instrumentalist Geoff Barrow let forth some of the band’s rules for their new album, scheduled to hit stores sometime in 2011. While Mr. West’s rules were all about not taking pictures, refraining from checking out blogs, and ensuring a space free of “hipster hats”, Portishead’s rules are a bit more hardcore (and actually helpful to the creative process). Portishead’s rules of engagement are as follow:

“There will be NO free downloads There will be NO bonus tracks There will be NO remixes There will be NO hidden footage. There will be NO additional content There will be NO corporate partners There will be NO fashion lines There will be NO tabloid pictures. There will be NO £25 unit cost There will be NO streetteam There will be NO myspace There will be NO celeb producer There will be NO twitter There will be NO press/blogger gig There will be NO acoustic session There will be NO meet and greet There will be NO edited version. There will be NO iTunes only There will be NO press launch There will be NO asian version There will be NO radio friendly.”

So, there you have it. At some point in 2011, you’ll have a physical Portishead album, which you’ll either love or got to bed hungry.

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