Mumford & Sons unveil a new song at KROQ pre-Grammy bash

on February 14, 2011, 4:35pm

2011 02feb 14 mumfordpregrammyshow Mumford & Sons unveil a new song at KROQ pre Grammy bash

Mumford & Sons might have taken part in one of the Grammy awards’ best performances when they revived “Maggie’s Farm” with Bob Dylan and the Avett Brothers last night, but they apparently unveiled something new at KROQ’s pre-Grammy party beforehand. Just check out this video (via SoonerMusic).

“It hasn’t got a name yet,” explains frontman Marcus Mumford before the song kicks off, “because normally it takes six months to name our babies.” And what a pretty baby it is.  locking in at just under six-minutes, the cut is a downtempo mediation that finds Mumford making the most of his guitar’s open tuning as the band slowly crafts a throbbing soundbed underneath his subtly picked/strummed rhythm part. Right before it starts to feel a little too slow, Mumford & Sons finally deliver the swelling crescendo they’ve come to be known for as everyone chimes in to earnestly and passionately deliver the words “I walk slow/take my hand/help me on my way” in their now famous harmonious howl.

They’re recently told BBC Music that a follow-up to Sigh No More is in the works, but those who need more now can nab a copy of their collaborative EP with Laura Marling by clicking here. You can watch the new tune it in all of its glory here.

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