Richard Buckner details new album, Our Blood

on May 05, 2011, 5:35pm

It has been five long years since we last heard from Brooklyn-resident Richard Buckner, but it’s not because the man hasn’t been busy. Instead, he’s been jarred by a slew of various plagues: a score to a film that never happpened, an incident involving a headless corpse, the death of his beloved tape machine, and a burglarized laptop. With all that behind him now, Buckner is finally ready to bring us his latest offering, which he described thusly:

“Eventually, the recording machine was resuscitated and some of the material was recovered. Cracks were patched. Parts were redundantly re-invented. Commas were moved. Insinuations were re-insinuated until the last percussive breaths of those final OCD utterances were expelled like the final heaves of bile, wept-out long after the climactic drama had faded to a somber, blurry moment of truth and voilá!, the record was done, or, let us be clear, abandoned like the charred shell of a car with a nice stereo.”

Our Blood, Buckner’s ninth record, isn’t due until August 2nd, 2011 on Merge Records, but you can grab the lead-off track, “Traitor”, and check out the tracklist below.


Our Blood Tracklist:
01. Traitor
02. Escape
03. Thief
04. Collusion
05. Ponder
06. Witness
07. Confession
08. Hindsight
09. Gang

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