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The 15 Hottest Summer Tours of 2011

on May 20, 2011, 5:59pm
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summer tours thumb The 15 Hottest Summer Tours of 2011Once you’re done with school as a whole, there’s little to look forward to once summer rears its head. What was once the time of year that marked months off from teachers, books, and their various dirty looks has forever changed; as an adult, it’s still just a time for you to work a job you might hate/resent just like the rest of the year, except now it’s hot and gross outside. Plus, those damn kids are staying up all night and enjoying their responsibility-free existences.

But if there is one way to regain some of that summertime frivolity and carefree attitude, it’s once again through the power of music. Sure, there are festivals galore, but if you’re not willing to travel, and you live in, say, Omaha, Nebraska, you’re limited to what festival experience you can undertake. Of course, there is one solution to the music-going experience that takes as much effort to attend as the work ethic of a 15-year-old on the Fourth of July: waiting for that big summer tour to roll into town. Every year, with the dawning of swimsuits and as the first hints of BBQs waft through the air, artists big and small hit the road to tout their new album and play for those with a lot of time on their hands. Despite the sheer volume of shows, just what ones will truly make the thermometer go pop?

As we do every other season of the year, CoS has your back. Presented below in easy-to-digest form, kind of like the hot dog itself, we’ve compiled a list of the biggest summer tours going down as we speak. From top 40 superstars like Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj to indie phenoms like Bright Eyes and Mountain Goats and from newcomers like The Vaccines to more established acts like Eddie Vedder and Roger Daltrey, a plethora of artists are heading across the country, vying for your attention and trying to make your summer actually fun again. We’ll tell you where they’ll all be, why you should be there, and how you can get your seat. All you’ve gotta do is show up. So, slap on some sunscreen, call in sick from work if you’ve got to, and enjoy great live music before winter comes back and puts a sleeperhold on this good time we call summer.

-Chris Coplan
News Editor

Feature artwork by Cap Blackard.

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