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Exclusive: Stream Locksley’s new album

on June 27, 2011, 5:12pm

locksley 2011 Exclusive: Stream Locksleys new album

When it comes to Mondays, few things feel better than a straight up pop record; however, what might feel even greater is knowing that one is getting to experience said record a full two weeks before it’s supposed to officially hit hard drives. That’s exactly what’s going on below as CoS has teamed up with Wisconsin-born trio Locksley to give them the NPR treatment and stream the entirety of their new LP – Locksley (out July 12th via the band’s own Feature Records).

Locksley finds the boys – Kai Kennedy, Jesse and Jordan Laz, and Sam Bair – backing up their self-proclaimed “doo-wop punk” sound and paying tribute to the British invasion and Stax era soul groups they love so much with songs like lead single “The Whip”, which is rife with crunchy guitars, clamoring drums, call-back verses, and an esophagus-bruising shout along chorus.

What’s more is that the band has asked fans to pick their three favorite songs from the album, which they’ll then record sans electricity to be released as an acoustic EP. Just check out the whole of Locksley below and “like” the best three.

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July 1, 2011 at 12:30 am

How is this a new album if we all already have these songs? Lame. Shame on you Locksley.


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