Quoteworthy: Blake Sennett clarifies Rilo Kiley’s breakup

on July 15, 2011, 5:39pm
“Look, all bands have s—. Ours was no different. That’s all I was saying. This interview was supposed to be about the new Elected album I just released, and somehow became the official announcement of Rilo Kiley’s end. Perhaps I chose poorly in using the three inflammatory words all these blogs seem to like so much. So for that I’m sorry. As far as the band being over? We are. Rilo Kiley is officially broken up. It’s sad but it happens.”

Blake Sennett (in another interview with Spinner) clarifying his comments about Rilo Kiley’s recent breakup. It saddens us to see them go, but at least Jenny Lewis now has time for a sequel to The Wizard!

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