Giveaway: Dave Matthews Band Caravan at Governors Island

on August 19, 2011, 5:30pm

dmb caravan Giveaway: Dave Matthews Band Caravan at Governors Island

So you read our review of Chicago’s Dave Matthews Band Caravan and noted that it was really missing two things: a decent venue, and you. When DMB and a collection of hand-picked musicians come rolling into New York next weekend, they’ll already have one of those problems solved, as the much-loved and festival-tested Governors Island will be the Caravan’s Big Apple home. Now CoS and Jeep® have teamed up to solve that second hiccup by giving one reader a pair of three-day passes to the NYC event.

The 2011 Jeep® Compass is the official automotive sponsor of the DMB Caravan, and they’ve been bringing their Jeep Journey to Stardom experience along to each stop. From August 26th through the 28th, that means they’ll be joining DMB, their fellow three-lettered jammy rockers O.A.R and MOE., Dispatch, The Roots, Gogol Bordello, David Wax Museum, and many more at Governors Island.

Want to be there too? Here’s how to do it:

– Make sure you’re following @coslive on Twitter and/or Like us on Facebook.

– Either send us a Tweet or a Wall-Post (or both!) and tell us your favorite Dave Matthews Band memory. In keeping with the Jeep® Compass theme, don’t forget to tell us where on the map you were when the memory was formed.

– Find out more information about the Dave Matthews Band Caravan, the Compass Emerging Artists program featuring Alberta Cross and Machine Gun Kelly, and register to win daily prizes by visiting the Jeep® Facebook page or following them @Jeep.

The lucky winner will receive two three-day passes to the New York City Caravan plus two $100 Amex gift cards to unload at the festival thanks to Jeep® Compass. We’ll announce the winner on Monday, August 22nd. So if you’re a true DMB Patriot and want the Liberty of a free festival, Wrangle up some friends and start posting for the chance at a Grand, um, experience. Yeah, we’re good.

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August 21, 2011 at 5:27 pm

It was 6-13-2011 & it was the last night DMB played what was Giant Stadium in East Rutherford NJ.  It was the 3rd night of 3 shows there.  I had 2nd row seats. Closest I’ve ever been.  But what made this night so special was the way the show ended.  From a distance you saw the storm coming over the stadium over the stage.  Wind was picking up, Lightning in the distance.  You could smell the rain.  Then as show came close to an end.  The rain came down on us.  Soaked to the bone.  Winds blowing, lightning and thunder right above us.  But the show went on.  DMB kept playing.  We danced ourselves silly.  Everyone did & know one left it was a true DMB moment I’ll never forget.  The great thing about that night was that everyone around me, everyone I saw didn’t run from the storm they embrassed it and they made there one special moment that night like I did.  I heard stories after that night it was going down as one of DMB’s best shows ever.  That they were told to get off stage due to storm but didn’t and because of that never played the stadium again.  I’ve been to many DMB shows and I’ve been around since there beginning.  But this show is still the one that touches my heart that touches my soul because that night it was truly all about the music of The Dave Matthews Band.  That night the gods truly shined on us. 


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