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Video: Radiohead visits Saturday Night Live

on September 25, 2011, 1:17am

radiohead snl 1 Video: Radiohead visits Saturday Night Live

Chew on this: Radiohead unveiled their eighth studio LP, The King of Limbs, on February 18, 2011. Seven months later, they’ve finally supported its release on American television. As Jeremy Larson recently discussed, internet time is a different beast, and seven months nowadays translates to about three or four years. But, it’s Radiohead, and it’s on Saturday Night Live, so “phenomenon” still applies. And that’s exactly what happened tonight, as the band sliced deep into Limbs-era tracks “Lotus Flower” and “Staircase”, which you can witness below, courtesy of The Audio Perv. Here’s one question to ponder: New York City, can you handle this week?

“Lotus Flower”:


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Andy Morgan
September 26, 2011 at 1:35 pm

I was very excited to see/hear my favorite band on SNL this week.  I hate to say this because I dig them so much, but they butchered (no pun intended) Lotus Flower.  The timing was completely off (I’ll blame the Portishead guy) and the sound mix was atrocious, even by SNL’s standards (I’ll blame SNL’s audio people).  It just sounded as if the sound engineer there was a little too keen to completely roll off the bottom end… made one wonder why they even brought Colin along.

Lotus Flower was so disappointing, I haven’t even listened to the SNL version of Staircase because I’m afraid I’ll be extremely disappointed with that too.

Here’s to hoping that the shit performance of Lotus Flower was not entirely Radiohead’s fault and they they get their live chops of tKoL together before they tour.


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