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Pipe Dreams: Girl Skateboards

on October 11, 2011, 12:00pm
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pipe dream 260 Pipe Dreams: Girl SkateboardsLet’s face facts here: Skateboarding is an activity aimed at children. Steve Rocco admitted this in his own personal documentary when he creepily stated that he used mascots to lure children. Think about it: How many people do you see skating over 30? Not many. Except the pros. And those bastards are getting younger with every passing day (just look at Ryan Scheckler). I, a 23-year-old dirtbag, should not be paying attention to such things. And this is why it’s so interesting to look at the Girl skate videos these days.

Girl is (arguably) the most successful skate company to date. Formed in 1994 when many of them (quite suddenly) left World Industries, they have one of the most stellar lineups in skate history (which Jovontae Turner described as a “family”), featuring folks like Rick Howard, Guy Mariano, Eric Koston (!), Mike Carroll, Rudy Johnson, Jeron Wilson, and let’s not forget their Chocolate affiliates. They have maintained a very fresh, rather simplistic image throughout their 20-year career. They also have had cinema mastermind Spike Jonze directing all of their videos. But most importantly, they have had the perfect music to back up their skateboarding abilities.

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