Brendan Canning’s Cookie Duster announces new album: When Flying Was Easy

on February 28, 2012, 1:28pm

cookiedustercover  Brendan Cannings Cookie Duster announces new album: When Flying Was Easy

Before helping to form Broken Social Scene in the late ’90s, Brendan Canning was a member of a number of other bands. One such outfit was Cookie Duster, who released one self-titled album over a decade ago. On May 15th, Canning and his group of mustache aficionados will return with a new album, When Flying Was Easy, via SQE Music. Our first listen off the 12-song LP is “Two Feet Stand Up”, a distinctly alt-leaning blast of poppy garage rock noise and grrrl-y vocals. Stream it now at Pitchfork; the album’s tracklist is available for perusing below.

When Flying Was Easy Tracklist:
01. Cut Me, Focus
02. Daddy’s Got the Medicine
03. Something Evil Again
04. Two Feet Stand Up
05. We Stepped on Glass
06. Standing Alongside Gone
07. Black Car Waiting
08. No Solo
09. Living on a Fine Line
10. Shot in the Dark
11. Space Will Follow
12. Where Are My Young Ones

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July 12, 2012 at 1:23 pm

Available for perusing? What’s there to study and examine about a tracklist?


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