John Stamos to join The Beach Boys’ 50th Anniversary Celebration

on February 13, 2012, 5:23pm

beach boys 50 John Stamos to join The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Celebration

There are three things most viewers learned from Full House: For one, it’s totally understandable to drive a car through the dining room; two, Mike Love prefers vegetarian pizza; and three, John Stamos is an active member of the band. That last part is actually somewhat true since Stamos had been a part-time Beach Boy long before the show’s existence. Oh well.

Anyways, as Zap 2 It reports, Mike Love slipped a little news last night on the Grammys’ red carpet, where he insisted Uncle Jesse would be tagging along in the band’s forthcoming 50th anniversary festivities. “Ever since [Stamos] invited us on ‘Full House’ we’ve been recognized by being on that show from sea to shining sea,” Love stated. No word yet from Brian Wilson, but if we’re to consider his reaction during his past Full House appearance, he shouldn’t care too much – or at all.

Stamos was absent from their Grammy performance last night, though there wasn’t much room up there, what with Foster the People and Maroon 5 guesting. Check out the performance below (via The Audio Perv), and stay tuned as The Beach Boys’ 50th Celebration plans come to fruition.

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ghost that never lies…
February 13, 2012 at 2:15 pm

wow they looked bad on the Grammy’s…. was it me or did Brian Wilson miss a whole line of “Good Vibrations”?


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