Tim Armstrong releases album from RocknRoll Theater

on April 17, 2012, 1:50pm

tim driving side 300 Tim Armstrong releases album from RocknRoll Theater

Last winter, Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong undertook a new endeavor: host and creative director for Tim Timebomb’s RockNRoll Theater, a punk-rock-meets-TwilightZone musical web series. Now, as Exclaim points out, Armstrong has released the first episode with an accompanying 14-track album.

According to a press release, $5 gets you a high-definition download of the first episode, entitled “Dante”, along with 14 all-new songs taken from “different RockNRoll Theater episodes that we’re working on.” And though he’s punk royalty, Armstrong’s asking fans to avoid torrents, writing, “RocknRoll Theater is 100% DIY, so if you guys actually buy it for $5, instead of file sharing, I would be stoked. Thank you for your support.” Order your copy of the package at the series’ website.

For a taste of RocknRoll Theater‘s macabre musical offerings, check out “We Did Alright” featuring Armstrong’s Rancid bandmate Lars Frederiksen.

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