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New Music: Autre Ne Veut – “Counting”

on November 13, 2012, 12:45pm

 New Music: Autre Ne Veut   Counting

30-year-old future-pop singer Arthur Ashin, a.k.a Autre Ne Veut, is set to release his sophomore album, Anxiety, on February 12th on Daniel Lopatin’s own imprint, Software records.

As with anything that Lopatin has a hand in, Autre Ne Veut dodges easy classification, as evinced in his lead single, “Counting”. It’s a hyper-glitzy pop song, with the twinge of R&B, and the bounce of some deep Timbaland cuts — all coalescing into something singular. Check out the track below.

Anxiety Tracklist:
01. Play By Play
02. Counting
03. Promises
04. Ego Free Sex Free
05. A Lie
06. Warning
07. Gonna Die
08. Don’t Ever Look Back
09. I Wanna Dance With Somebody
10. World War

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