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New Music: Day Joy – “Purple” (CoS Premiere)

on November 29, 2012, 3:30pm

 New Music: Day Joy   Purple (CoS Premiere)

Peter Michael Perceval and Michael Serrin started writing music together in college, playing acoustically on rooftops and porches. They’ve since expanded to a five-to-six piece (depending on when you catch them) under the moniker Day Joy. They’ve been compared to fellow Floridians Hundred Waters, though their sound is much more organic. The sunsets of those early days inspirit the dream-folk stylings of their forthcoming debut LP, Go To Sleep, Mess, out February 12th on Small Plates Records.

Take “Purple”, for example. A simple march of percussion trudges on over a slow wash of strings, like the sun falling slowly towards to the horizon. As the sound swells and the ruminating vocals crisp over a valley of harmonies, myriad colors burst into the skyline — just “as the season’s turning purple.” Check out the Go To Sleep, Mess track below, and pick up the album this February.

Day Joy – “Purple”

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