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Nine Inch Nails working on new music, may tour

on November 07, 2012, 5:53pm

trent reznor Nine Inch Nails working on new music, may tour

Despite the impending release of How to destroy angels_’s An omen_EP and the subsequent LP due out early next year, Trent Reznor is once again working on new Nine Inch Nails material and is even teasing the possibility of future live performances.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about the future of NIN, Reznor said that “there will be new music. There are some things in the works.” He also said that “if it feels right, it’s a possibility” the band could head out on the road again

Reznor added, “Having a few years doing other things, I’ve enjoyed [them] and I’m enjoying doing How to destroy angels_, and there will be a place for stuff that falls in the Nine Inch Nails column of things. It’s a different kind of work.” He then told the magazine to “stay tuned,” adding: “We’ll see what happens here.”

In the meantime, Reznor and How to destroy angels_ will release An omen_ on November 13th via Columbia. Reznor has also said that he plans to take the band out on the road.

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November 23, 2012 at 4:13 pm

Check out Trent Reznor’s project How To Destroy Angels new EP “An Omen”. You can stream it now!


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