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Giveaway: The Beach Boys Remastered Catalogue

on December 04, 2012, 1:54pm

the beach boys color 2012 c photo by robert matheu e1354289682927 Giveaway: The Beach Boys Remastered Catalogue

Update: The contest is over. Congratulations to our winner, Joel S!

True story: I’m currently sitting in bed for the third day in a row, wiping my nose, gazing out at the cold taking over Chicago, all while waxing nostalgic about those sinus-free summer days near the sea with The Beach Boys. Ha, I’ve never felt more like Brian Wilson in my entire life. Anyways, while we’re on the topic of the formerly reunited, I thought I’d let you in on a solid pre-Christmas giveaway Consequence of Sound has in their stockings.

Here’s what we’ve got for one lucky winner:

Copies of  Surfin’ U.S.A.; Surfer Girl; Little Deuce Coupe; Shut Down, Volume 2; All Summer Long; The Beach Boys Today!; Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!); Beach Boys Party!; Pet Sounds; Smiley Smile; Sunflower; and Surf’s Up — all remastered.

What’s more, we’re throwing in the Boys’ newly-minted 50 Big Ones greatest hits set and a really, really nice lithograph. We’ll leave it up to you to find a surfboard, some swim trunks, and a surfer boy/girl to pal along with, okay?

There are two ways to enter: through our free mobile app or by simply filling out the form below. For those that haven’t nabbed the free app yet (note: F-R-E-E), just head over to iTunes or the Android Store and download it for yourself. Create a log-in or use your Facebook account, then just poke that “Giveaways” button to enter. Done. As for the form, well, just follow the instructions down yonder.

Also be sure to follow Consequence of Sound on Twitter and Facebook.

50 Big Ones is currently available via Amazon.

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December 5, 2012 at 6:12 pm

lol its cause brian wilsons nose was always runny with white shit (coak)


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