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New Music: The Antlers – “Empty Castles (No Widows refracted)”

on December 13, 2012, 5:16pm

antlers burst apart e1355421323708 New Music: The Antlers   Empty Castles (No Widows refracted)

The Antlers have gifted an orchestral re-imagination of their track “No Widows” from last year’s Top Star-earning Burst Apart. “Empty Castles (No Widows refracted)” was created by cellist Brent Arnold, who says of the track:

“I knew I wanted to work with this track as soon as I heard it. The lyrics really haunted me. I recorded many of the cellos in a library in a castle in Burgundy… no joke! I had in mind a kind of rolling, pulsing feeling, rising and falling. Everything I made is of course quite different than the original, except for the big harmonies in the chorus– for that part, I tried to tease out each layer of vocals and play them exactly on the cello, which was tricky as they’re very intertwined. But I wanted to be more literal there, because there’s something very special about the way those lines work together.”

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