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Listen to an unreleased Sufjan Stevens track from The BQE

on January 03, 2013, 11:10am

thebqestevens Listen to an unreleased Sufjan Stevens track from The BQE

Alongside obsessive musical endeavors detailing Illinois and Christmas, Sufjan Stevens released 2009’s The BQE, a “mixed-medium artistic exploration” of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway comprised of a self-directed film and live orchestral soundtrack. “Which One Are You?” is an outtake from that project, left on the cutting room floor because Stevens “could not clear melody w/ ELP publishers. The Endless Enigma of intellectual property. One person’s homage is another lawyer’s annoyance, I guess.” Fitting in line with the rest of the score, the cut starts out as a gentle pop song powered by ukulele and lush harmonies before swirling electronic elements overthrow the landscape. Stream it below.

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