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Live from Le Guess Who?: Lumerians

on January 29, 2013, 4:26pm

lumerians tunnel leguesswho 2012 larson 3 1024x682 Live from Le Guess Who?: Lumerians

Other than culling Canadian bands, the 2012 Le Guess Who? lineup had a crush on California psych and garage. Foxygen, Ty Segall, White Fence were all on the bill, but Lumerians brought a different kind of color to Utrecht.

Their space-rock, half-prog, full-melt songs were grittier numbers, not content to just mess with your head, but to really put the screws to your mind with phasing synths, motorik beats, and dense song structures. These are the self-titled nerds who could have been swayed to be in some prog rock band, but decided to listen to drop out and listen Can instead.

Check out our interview with Lumerians, plus footage from their performance at Le Guess Who? below.

Check out other exclusive performances from Le Guess Who? including Colin Stetsontraumahelikopter, and Do Make Say Think.

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