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New Music: Devendra Banhart – “Never Seen Such Good Things”

on January 22, 2013, 4:20pm

 New Music: Devendra Banhart   Never Seen Such Good Things

Swans’ ringleader Micheal Gira released Devendra Banhart‘s first album, Oh Me Oh My, on Gira’s own Young God record label in 2002. Banhart, then just 21 years old, warbled and quivered through spare alt-folk songs, very eccentric and very hirsute. Eight albums later, Banhart will return with Malaout March 12th on Nonesuch, with his quiver calmed and his beard trimmed. “Never Seen Such Good Things” takes a pensive look back on a relationship in a compact psych-folk tune, with Banhart simply saying: “Love you’re a strange fellow/ Sure leave your mark and never leave”.  Truer words…

Check out the track below (via NME) and listen to his first single from Mala, “Für Hildegard von Bingen”, here.

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