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Sasquatch! 2013 sells out in 90 minutes

on February 09, 2013, 3:38pm

sasquatch 2013 poster Sasquatch! 2013 sells out in 90 minutes

The Pacific Northwest loves itself some indie rock. This year’s Sasquatch! Music Festival, which features The Postal Service, Vampire Weekend, Sigur Rós, and more, sold its entire allotment of tickets in just 90 minutes. For context, the festival’s daily capacity is 27,500.

In related news, Sasquatch! founder Adam Zacks recently shared insight into the festival and his booking techniques in an exhaustive interview with The AV Club. It’s a really great read, especially if you are interested in learning more about the inner workings of a festival.


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February 11, 2013 at 12:15 pm

Someone sell me a premier camping pass, save me from the third world. I agree that the headliners are not worthy of spots, I hope arctic monkeys get a solid hour and a half on Friday night to restore loud Fridays. Every day at Sasquatch is your best day ever though, so even shitty headliners can’t pee on the parade. Divine fits are the best band in the lineup, they prob get to play like 45 min which is kind of balls but whatev.Why is Cake playing this fest, I thught they were scared of Canadians and water bottle showers during shitty sets with bad jokes? Good talk.

February 9, 2013 at 7:05 pm

got dayum! bless ya sasquatch, just bless ya. Honestly, the headliners suck, they do:they suck (except Sigur Ros). But the undercard is so stacked I ain’t even about to eat that many pancackes.

Sigur Ros
the xx
primus 3D
earl sweatshirt
dirty projectors
built to spill
schoolboy q and ab-soul
killer mike and el-p
bloc party
alt j
azealia banks
danny brown
empire of the sun

tame impala

So I got my ticket yo and I got my buds tickets and I got my bud for this. The issue I got here is what is goin on with these headliners:

Mumford and Sons is so shit, I ain’t even tryin to step in it. The way they act and dress makes my butt boil. Their music is terrible and how it has infected the little white christian minds is beyond me (oh wait, no its not, fuck!).

Macklemore and Ryan, ya did good ya did good. Ya made it big congrats. Can’t fault him, he shouldn’t have made it this big but I can’t fault no way. Macklemore is a representation of the subtle racism that still exists today in the PNW and the whole US. “It’s so nice to hear good clean fun rap for once”, “I don’t usually like rap but I love macklemmore” psh what a sad excuse what a sad excuse.

Vampire Weekend, I’m giving you a pass. I’d eat cow shit if it was surrounded by human feces.

That’s all I’ve got to say bout it cept I got more. Stay tuned


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