Watch fan-made film nine inch nails: [after all is said and done]

on March 25, 2013, 5:56pm

nine nails after all is said and done

A group of Nine Inch Nails fans who call themselves a tiny little dot have spent the last three years sifting through fan-shot footage from the final show of Nine Inch Nail’s “Wave Goodbye Tour” at Los Angeles’ Wiltern on September 10th, 2009. Today, they’ve released the result of their efforts, in the form of a three-a-half hour, 37-song concert film entitled, nine inch nails: [after all is said and done].

According to a tiny little dot, the film is culled from over 75 hours of footage taken from “27 unique fan shot HD footage sources.” Over 3,500 hours was spent on per-production treatment, a team of nine editors and seven peer reviewers then spent over 680 hours editing each song, and audio from five sources was dubbed in over the course of 65 hours in a professional studio to create final stereo and 5.1 audio masters.

The film is available to stream via YouTube below, download via torrent, and will be available soon on Blu-Ray/CD. What’s more, the audio itself is also available to download via torrent.

Here’s the full scope of the project, via

The culmination of this work is a video production of a NIN concert unlike anything ever before – an evocative and unapologetic document of Nine Inch Nails. As an intimate concert performed before only a handful of fans, what the performance lacks in huge stage production value, it makes up for in vitriol, raw energy and cramped quarters… with sentiment, emotion and intimacy. But what really shines a light on the brilliance of the performance is the manner in which it was captured. The fan-shot footage of AAISAD conveys a raw, visceral and kinetic energy that no professional camera could have ever hoped to achieve. And in the context of a performance like this, one so intimate, one so meaningful to their fans, nothing else would be fitting. And it’s that which sets AAISAD apart as something uniquely memorable, and something that no NIN fan will want to be without.

The sheer expanse of this momentous project and the delay associated with its release (a delay and lack of communication for which a tiny little dot humbly apologizes to the patient and loyal fans) is underscored by the amazing math underlying it:

- A 3/12 hour, 37 song, set list

- 27 unique fan shot HD footage sources, totaling over 75 hours of footage, resulting in…

- Over 1.5 Terabytes of raw footage, provided in 27 different file types, resolutions, frame rates, and codecs

- Over 3,500 hours of pre-production treatment of the original footage including noise filtering, upscaling, de-interlacing in After-Effects, color correction, and most importantly conversion of all files to a common frame rate, codec, file type and resolution

- Over 50 trips back and forth to production facilities using a 1.5 TB “delivery” drive to transfer treated footage to our RAID array.

- Resulting in a total of 8.5+ TB of DNxHD treated and rendered files

- 680+ hours spent editing and peer reviewing each song by a team of 9 editors, and 7 peer reviewers (from a tiny little dot’s more than 20 person team)

- Through the editing process, the 8.5+ TB of DNxHD was whittled down to a 303 GB DNxHD master edit

- 5 sources of audio

- Over 65 hours of audio treatment in a professional sound studio, to create final stereo and 5.1 audio masters

- 42+ hours of post-production motion graphics work, and other (yet to be disclosed) work

- And numerous non-quantifiable hours.


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March 27, 2013 at 11:55 am

- 5 sources of audio

All of which sound like they were recorded on a cell phone.

Cary Longchamps
March 27, 2013 at 8:38 am

Ummmmm… what I want to know is, wtf every happened to the NIN Ghosts Film Festival from 2008??? I traveled from Florida to Pennsylvania, broke into an abandoned mental hospital, bought props, casted and paid talent.. for their work, their travel and lodging. Filmed an entire music video, edited it, color correction.. the whole shabang. Granted it wasn’t an oscar nominee… it doesn’t matter. Hundreds of fans contributed to this project and nobody from NIN ever spoke of it again. It was like.. ok here is this film festival.. go out and make a music video for one of our tracks and then WE’LL NEVER SPEAK OF IT AGAIN! If anyone has any info on what ever came of that project I would love to know.

Tony Parente
March 26, 2013 at 6:28 pm

Please don’t give this project any press.

This was advertised 4 years ago, countless delays – lies-
misinformation – deleting negative comments from their facebook page – banning
users who spoke against them.

Keep in mind they said they were going to finally release
this project in a week…IN SEPTEMBER OF LAST YEAR.

Not to mention the thousands and thousands of dollars they
took in from honest trusting fans over 4 years ago for this project with no
update or release date of any physical materials.

They can delete us
from their pages but they can’t delete these comments.


March 26, 2013 at 5:40 pm

There should be a mention that this project took money from fans for preorders of DVDs and BluRay and has still not delivered. They have been sitting on that money for years. It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t delete every mention of this on their facebook page.

March 26, 2013 at 4:45 am

Just listen to skinny puppy and all is better.

Bree Manley
March 25, 2013 at 9:14 pm

Agreed. COS shouldn’t be promoting a fan made NIN video, that ultimately ripped off money from fans, and insulted fans for merely asking years on about where the project (and their money was). To this date, there has been little acknowledgement to their paid costumers/funders, i.e. continuously efforts to reach them have been deleted, blocked, ignored etc. If you were to dig a little deeper in the NIN community, you’d see this project is a farce. And the team deserves little praise for what they have done.

Alex Young
March 25, 2013 at 9:18 pm

Don’t blame us, we’re not familiar with the backstory.

March 26, 2013 at 5:52 pm

I don’t think anyone could blame you for not knowing. They deleted every mention of this from their facebook page when people would complain. They owe a lot of people DVDs and BluRays that were paid for years ago.

Shreena Soomarah
March 26, 2013 at 5:54 pm

Well, even the smallest bit of research would have uncovered this; publications do have a reputation to protect. But the point isn’t really to blame CoS, but to highlight the disregard the community has for this project.

Eric Massicotte
March 25, 2013 at 7:15 pm

I pre-ordered a copy of this YEARS ago and never heard back from the team. As much as I want to give them a chance to send me my 2 copies, I fear we’ll experience another endless delay…

Disgusted Guest
March 25, 2013 at 6:19 pm

Why is there no mention if the NIN community that supported ATLD at the beginning? You know ALL the people who gave them money and were subsequently ignored for years. We all thought the team had absconded off with our money. They constantly deleted negative comments from customers from their social network sites while still not updating their status. I for one will never acknowledge this work in a positive way, only in negativity.


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