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Listen to Broken Social Scene’s revamped version of “Deathcock”, their first-ever song

on April 09, 2013, 5:22pm

broken social scene return

Although they’ve been on hiatus since November 2011, Broken Social Scene will reunite to headline the Arts & Crafts Records’ Field Trip Music & Arts Festival on June 8th, an event celebrating the label’s 10th year in the biz. The Canadian indie rock outfit have also resurfaced to contribute to the label’s forthcoming rarities compilation, Arts & Crafts: 2003-2013 (streaming here), offering up “Deathcock”, a revamped version of the first track they ever recorded together as a band. Listen/download below (via Spinner).

Broken Social Scene – “Deathcock”

The band spoke to Spinner about the song: “‘Deathcock,’ originally titled ‘Mourir,’ was the first recording we did together as a band with David Newfeld. Dave was making a record called Pet Songs and asked if we’d contribute to his project. It was Justin Peroff who initially brought us together as he felt Dave and BSS would be a great collaboration. The song was written and recorded in one day with at least 10 BSS members present and in town for the session. It was after this session we knew we had to work with Dave. The sounds that he got, the vibe he created at this studio, and his understanding of the band all pointed to YES.”

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April 14, 2013 at 7:12 pm

This track was recorded and mixed ten years ago.
Not sure why it’s being presented as a revamp, it isn’t.
I would know, as I paid for the recording, as well as produced and mixed it.
It was called Morir originally, a song about Kevin’s pet gerbil’s demise.
David Newfeld


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