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Lollapalooza 2013 is completely sold out

on April 03, 2013, 5:10pm

lollapalooza Lollapalooza 2013 is completely sold out

As of 11:06 pm CT, Lollapalooza has sold its full allotment of one-day, three-day, and VIP passes. In other words, the festival is completely sold out.

Three-day passes sold out in just under three hours after going on sale March 26th (and days before the festival formally announced this year’s lineup). One-day passes and the remaining VIP tickets went on sale at 10:00 am morning and were gone within the hour. Interestingly enough, the festival’s third and final day — which features its big coup The Cure — was the final day to sell out.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the festival’s daily capacity is capped at 100,000 per an agreement with the Chicago Park District. 80,000 three-day passes and 20,000 single-day passes were made available for this year.

In addition to The Cure, this year’s lineup feature Nine Inch Nails, Mumford and Sons, Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, The Killers, The National, The Postal Service, Queens of the Stone Age, and many more. Click here to read our analysis of the lineup.

Also, a little birdie tells me that we have a pair of three-day passes to give away sometime soon, so be on the look out for that.


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April 4, 2013 at 10:38 am

I’m guessing the fact that Sunday sold out last has less to do with the Cure headlining that day, and more to do with the fact it’s a Sunday and most single day tickets are bought by people who live in Chicago and might have to work on Monday. This is certainly evident when you look at many sporting events ticket sales for a major proffesional league, where Friday and Saturday night games sell quicker on original sites and more expensive on Stub Hub etc. People need stuff to do on the weekend, and I was at the sunday night foo Fighters mud bowl in 2011 and was really glad to not be heading to work the next morning …so if people are thinking that way I don’t blame them!

April 3, 2013 at 3:55 pm

The biggest headliners day sells out last. Tells me that the state of music is still damaged in the mainstream and that festivals, one of the last havens of good musical taste and integrity, is slowly disintegrating to mainstream mush by will of the power of the mighty $.

B. M.H.
April 3, 2013 at 3:05 pm

the cure is one of the best bands on that bill.

April 3, 2013 at 6:54 pm

The best band.

April 3, 2013 at 12:58 pm

Unbelievable, especially for April. Do you think this means two weekends in 2014?

April 3, 2013 at 1:08 pm

Doubtful, Chicago won’t allow them to shut down Grant Park in the middle of summer for 2 weekends (and the week in-between)

Dan R
April 3, 2013 at 1:45 pm

No way. It would do too much damage to the park. They already have a tough time restoring the fields after one weekend, especially if it rains.


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