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Stream Saskatchewan’s debut album, Occasion

on April 27, 2013, 1:30pm


Orlando dream-pop outfit Saskatchewan are streaming their debut album, Occasion, just a few days before its official release date (April 30th via Father/Daughter Records). Take a listen below.

The 10-track album is an exploration of what lies beyond dream-pop’s categorical limitations, eschewing simple tags like “shimmery” or “evocative” to explore true nuance and variation.

The wobbly guitar and punctuating drums of “Youth Ministry” add crunch to the ethereal soundscape. Frontman Chandler Strang’s sultry vocals help to make “Spellbound” a gem of sheer primal energy amid a sea of ambient vibes. “Divine Kind” is more New Wave-inspired, with chunks of bright harmonies and a little manky bass helping make the dreamier aspects all that more significant.

It’s dream-pop for a more discerning, pop-centric audience, one eternally indebted to the likes of Phil Collins, Tears for Fears, or even Michael McDonald.

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