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Listen/watch: Cass McCombs’ new song, “Morning Star”

on June 28, 2013, 1:40pm

cassmccombs2013 Listen/watch: Cass McCombs new song, Morning Star

Singer-songwriter Cass McCombs surprises us once again with the unexpected release of “Morning Star”. Debuted last October during a Occupy Sandy benefit concert, the track is a kind of hazy, almost tropical take on McCombs’ usually folksy work. It’s an especially deliberate blend of strummy acoustic guitars, what could be either bongos or a conga drum, and McCombs’ crisp harmonies, which somehow sound just as evocative with lines like, “What’s it like to shit in space?” The quandary of an era, folks.

Watch the accompanying music video, which features vintage skateboarding footage (via The Skateboard Mag).

mobilerider.embedVideo(2438,67587,”,600,400,’universal’, {extras:’skin:theskateboardmag,autoplay:0,vs:1,muteOn:0′});

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