Pearl Jam reveals Lightning Bolt tracklist, preview four songs now

on August 30, 2013, 8:15pm


Pearl Jam have revealed the tracklist for their upcoming tenth studio album, Lightning Bolt. Spanning 12 tracks, it includes the lead single, “Mind Your Manners”, along with the two songs debuted at Wrigley Field in July: “Lighting Bolt” and “Future Days”. Another track, “Sleeping By Myself”, was originally released as an Eddie Vedder solo song on 2011′s Ukulele Songs.

“Mind Your Manners” video:

“Lightning Bolt” live:

“Future Days” live:

“Sleeping By Myself” (Eddie Vedder version):

Lightning Bolt is due out October 15th via Republic. Pre-orders are ongoing.

Lightning Bolt Tracklist:
01. Getaway
02. Mind Your Manners
03. My Father’s Son
04. Sirens
05. Lightning Bolt
06. Infallible
07. Pendulum
08. Swallowed Whole
09. Let The Records Play
10. Sleeping By Myself
11. Yellow Moon
12. Future Days

Check out Don Pendleton’s artwork for a number of the tracks, below, as revealed on the band’s Twitter account.


pearl jam mind your manners

my fathers son


pearl jam infalliable




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