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Top MP3s of the Week (10/18)

on October 18, 2013, 12:00am
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cassettes Top MP3s of the Week (10/18)

A relatively dry week in terms of high profile singles left us digging through press releases and web pages in order to find the week’s best. But, almost by nature, this process yielded one of our more intriguing countdowns — a smattering of genres and styles, from heavy metal to minimal house. And, our No. 1 selection surprised even us, as it’s a redemption of sorts for an artist who was chastised for changing his name from Dogg to Lion and pretending to be Rastafarian.

10. Blackout – “Anchor”


From the bowels of NYC comes Blackout — doom metal for the people. Played with an endearing punk sloppiness, the psyched-out “Anchor” knows how to get evil and have fun. It starts with droning vocals and sinister scales, then builds toward a cymbal-crashing finale that sounds improvised, the product of a young band that, instead of writing a proper ending to the song, just said “fuck it” and let it play out. Their self-released debut, We Are Here, drops October 25th. Listen over at Pitchfork–Jon Hadusek

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