Bruce Springsteen’s best songs, according to Governor Chris Christie

on November 07, 2013, 5:03pm

christie springsteen

In addition to being New Jersey’s brash, outspoken governor and lover of ice cream, Chris Christie is a noted Bruce Springsteen enthusiast. I’d bet good money he’s spent a few hundred hours posting away on Backstreets and downloading bootlegs on the taxypayers’ dime. In fact, he recently took some time out of his schedule to curate a list of his 10 favorite Springsteen songs for Esquire. He’s got some great picks on there — specifically, “Prove It All Night”, “Kitty’s Back”, and “Because the Night” — but no “Jungleland”? That should be enough to disqualify him from any future Presidential ambitions.

Check out Christie’s top 10 in Spotify form below. Also, why not compare and contrast his top Springsteen songs list to ours.

In related news, the Boss himself appeared at Madison Square Garden as part of the annual Stand Up for Heroes benefit concert. Replay his full set, which included performances of “Dancing In The Dark”, “If I Should Fall Behind”, and “Dream Baby Dream” plus tell a few X-rated jokes, below.

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