Top 20 Rock ‘n’ Roll Solo Albums

on November 01, 2013, 12:41am
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top20rocknroll Top 20 Rock n Roll Solo Albums

Singer-songwriters going solo is like an actor saying they’d like to direct. They think they have the skills from years of playing in a group, and now they can take the reins themselves. Sometimes, it turns out horrifically, and the performers realize (or don’t) that strength lies in numbers–such as every KISS solo album, or Shatner’s Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

Though, sometimes an artist finds their true voice when they’ve shut the door on four or five of their bandmates. It’s only then that they’re able to forge ahead into territories they’ve always wanted to explore, whether it’s a particular instrument, a recording style, or another genre altogether.

With so many solo albums from so many singer-songwriters who’ve entertained in so many other bands… this obviously wasn’t an enviable task. We turned to our stacks upon stacks of LPs, sketched out the DNA of our favorite bands, and spiraled off names as they came to us. Needless to say, we lost our minds a couple of times.

Alas, we came up with a list. Ahead of you are singer-songwriters in the rock genre who either nailed it on their first try, or were able to hone their singular voice into albums that far eclipsed anything their bands ever did. Think we left anything off? (Of course we did.) Let us know in the comments.

ICYMI: Last week, we listed our favorite solo albums in the hip-hop genre. Revisit that here.

Artwork by Dmitri Jackson.

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