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Listen to “Haunted” by Beyoncé producer Boots

on December 13, 2013, 2:15pm

Boots - Beyonce

Amidst big name collaborators like Pharrell and Timbaland, the new Beyoncé album includes a writing/production credit for a mysterious artist named Boots. Boots was heavily included in the project, writing four songs and producing a whopping 85% of the album.

Disco Naviete did some snooping and discovered a Facebook page for Boots, which revealed a few details: Boots is a guy from New York, who signed with Roc Nation about six months ago. And aside from all the material found Beyoncé, he’s got only one other song to his name, a new wistful pop number titled “Haunted”. Check that out below and stay tuned for more, ’cause Boots is officially an artist worth watching.

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