Eagles of Death Metal begin work on new album

on January 18, 2014, 12:46pm

Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes have begun work on a new Eagles of Death Metal album.

The duo’s last release came in the form of 2008’s Heart On. However, in a recent interview with Australia’s The Music, Homme revealed that he’s spent time in the studio with Hughes, working on a new album. Hughes later confirmed the project in an interview with Antiquiet.

Homme said they’ve already recorded six or so songs, but cautioned that they’re “working at a reasonable, sort of casual pace.” He added, “We’ve got wandering and ambling down to a science.”

As previously reported, Homme also has plans to begin recording a new Queens of the Stone Age album in the fall. Add that to the rigorous amount of touring QOTSA has scheduled, and it certainly seems like Homme is in for a busy few months. Just remember, Josh, if you take MiO, you only need one drop, not the whole bottle.

Below, watch our interview with Hughes during SXSW 2013.

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