Frank Ocean sued by Chipotle

on March 08, 2014, 12:20am

Update: Ocean’s responded to the suit with a post on his Tumblr linking to the Wikipedia page for “Defamation”.

Back in September, Chipotle released an ad featuring Fiona Apple covering “Pure Imagination”. As it turns out, Apple only recorded the whimsical classic after Frank Ocean had dropped out of the campaign. Now, that little move could potentially cost Ocean thousands of dollars as Chipotle is suing him over it.

As TMZ reports, a lawsuit was filed in L.A. County earlier today, acknowledging that Ocean had signed a $425,000 contract for the advertisement campaign. According to the suit, after Ocean viewed a final cut of the animated commercial, he raised concerns about the company’s logo being featured at the end. When Chipotle wouldn’t make his requested revisions, Ocean promptly backed out of the deal.

The suit adds that the restaurant later received an email from Ocean and his representatives. In it, the R&B singer asserted his belief that he had final approval of the end product and assumed Chipotle was the one in breach for not fielding his requests. Chipotle is seeking repayment of Oceans’s $212,500 advance.

Below, revisit Apple’s absolutely delightful version. But, boy oh boy, just imagine what Ocean could’ve done.

Battles with a burrito franchise may not be Ocean’s only time spent in a court this year. As TMZ learned, Ocean is changing his name…. to Frank Ocean. The man born Christopher Edwin Breaux filed court documents recently to legally change his name to the much sleeker moniker. Before the change is official, though, Ocean will have to take out ads in four newspapers over the next four weeks announcing the new name.

If legally allowed, though, I suggest Ocean makes a revision to his request by spelling it Fränk Öcean.

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March 8, 2014 at 6:59 pm

I loved the Ad! The working man with the factory job unhappy with the false advertising of his company. The fact that he decided to create his own from the very ideals he despised was excellent! I have been to Chipotle but his portion at the ending clip is more than they actually give you. An example of false advertising, so how much have they really changed? Still Frank Ocean should have accepted the offer because any opportunity for exposure is great! I would have happily done it with no requests needed!


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