Kings of Leon concertgoers may have been exposed to measles

on April 03, 2014, 2:39pm

Photo by Joshua Mellin

Back in 2010, Kings of Leon were forced to cancel a concert in St. Louis because of dastardly powers beyond their control, specifically a bunch of shit-happy pigeons. (There’s nothing like a refreshing, crisp drizzle of rain during a steamy outdoors set, but brown sludgy droppings are another story, ya know?) Four years later, another stroke of bad luck has struck the Nashville rockers while on the road, but this time around it’s a little more serious than poop. Way more serious, in fact.

It seems everyone at Kings of Leon’s March 28th show at the Seattle’s Key Arena — including the band themselves — may been exposed to measles. As an editor of the city’s Sunbreak points out (via SPIN), the Washington State Health Department has flagged the show as a source of measles exposure due to an infected woman who was in attendance. According to the Department’s official statement, the woman had contracted the highly contagious disease two days before going to the concert.

Health officials encourage those concertgoers to check and make sure they were vaccinated. Those who have not been vaccinated should seek medical attention right away, as measles, in some instances, can be fatal.

The rest of Kings of Leon’s upcoming tour schedule, which is in continued support of last year’s Mechanical Bull, does not appear to be affected. Their next concert is tomorrow night at Saskatoon’s Credit Union Centre.


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