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Watch: Pixies’ full performance at Coachella 2014

on April 13, 2014, 9:06pm

Photo by Ryan Chun

10 years ago, Pixies ended a decade-long hiatus to reunite at Coachella. On Saturday night, the band returned to Indio, CA, albeit with a different lineup than the first go-around (Kim Deal, of course, is no longer with the band). This time, Frank Black and Co. delivered a career-spanning 15-song set, featuring old favorites (“Wave of Mutilation”, “Gouge Away”, “Where Is My Mind?”, “Crackity Jones”, and “Vamos”) alongside several tracks from the first album in 23 years, Indie Cindy. Replay the full performance below.

(Watch: Interview with Pixies)

Find more videos from Coachella 2014, including OutKast, Lorde, HAIM, Queens of the Stone Age, and more here.

Bone Machine
Wave of Mutilation
Head On (The Jesus and Mary Chain cover)
Gouge Away
Crackity Jones
Magdalena 318
Where Is My Mind?
Nimrod’s Son
Indie Cindy
Ed Is Dead
Greens and Blues

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