Jack White announces “Ultra” version of Lazaretto, and it’s ridiculous

on May 06, 2014, 1:30pm

It may be hard to believe, but Jack White has something unique planned for the vinyl release of Lazaretto. The man who previously released a via 1,000 helium balloonsinvented the triple decker vinyl record, and released recorded, press, and released a song all in one day has pulled out all the stops for the “Ultra” 12-inch vinyl edition of his sophomore LP.

– Side A begins on the inside of the record and plays outward. The outside edge of the record contains a locked groove that plays over and over again. Apparently, this is the first time something like this has ever been done before.

– There are two vinyl-only songs hidden beneath the center labels.

– The first song on Side B (“Just One Drink) contains two different intros: an acoustic and electric. Utilizing “double-groove technology”, the two versions eventually come together to become one song.

– Its the first record to have both a flat and flashy finish. The matte finish on Side B gives the appearance of an un-played 78 RPM record.

– Side A contains a hand-etched hologram of a floating angel.

– The vinyl contains different mixes of songs than the digital versions, plus different running order. It was mastered without any compression.

Here’s the hologram looks like:

Jack White hologram

Watch Jack offer a guided tour of the record below. Lazaretto arrives officially on June 10th through Third Man Records. Pre-orders are ongoing.


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June 19, 2014 at 4:46 pm

Something is funky with side 2. Although I tried and succeded playing both intros to the first song, the rest of the groove on side 2 looks weird. As if there’s something else to discover.

BUT – > I PROFOUNDLY HATE the fact that both grooves are not “in sync” therefore creating a slight pop and ‘echo’ when the two grooves merge. They should have left the two grooves to the end of the song, THEN merged between track 1 and 2.

May 6, 2014 at 4:49 pm

This is definitely NOT the first vinyl to play from the inside out. Pink Slip Daddy’s EP called “LSD” did that. Go here:

May 6, 2014 at 5:35 pm

they’re claiming it’s the first to play from the inside out AND have a locked groove on the outside.


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