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Listen: El-P remixes Warpaint’s “Keep It Healthy”

on May 09, 2014, 1:02pm

A quick scan of El-P’s rather lengthy discography finds that the Brooklyn rapper-producer has just a handful of official remixes under his belt. In fact, his most recent remix dates back to 2012, when he retooled Slaughterhouse’s “Hammer Dance”.

The mood’s struck El-P once more, however, as today he unveils a remix of Warpaint’s new single “Keep it Healthy”, from the band’s recent self-titled LP. El-P’s approach falls in between the use of kid gloves and a complete overhaul: while he guts the jangly ’60s pop guitars in favor of jagged bass and oddball samples, he maintains the four-some’s lush and glowing harmonies. The resulting track is both physically jarring and yet surprisingly still soothing, worthy of dance parties or for shutting your mind off alone in your bedroom.

Listen in below:

The El-P remix is part of a new 12-inch due out in June. It also features remixes of “Disco//very” by Richard Norris and Space Machine.

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