Stevie Wonder and John Legend gleefully lip sync OutKast’s “Hey Ya!” — watch

on September 13, 2016, 10:11am

The Lip Sync Battle stage has seen actors like The Rock “Shake It Off”, Terry Crews walk “A Thousand Miles”, and Anne Hathaway swing through like a “Wrecking Ball”. Michael Phelps even took the crowd to Detroit’s 8 Mile with his cameo on the Spike TV show.

Of course, while Hollywood has been well represented, the program’s music pedigree is nothing to joke around about either. In fact, co-host Chrissy Teigen’s husband John Legend himself appeared recently (on the same episode as Phelps, as it were), and he had a special friend in tow: the one and only Stevie Wonder. The two gleefully lip synced the OutKast classic “Hey Ya!”, recreating the single’s fun and memorable green-themed music video. Legend in particular, suspenders and all, made for a very animated André 3000, while Wonder found a lot of joy in the track’s chorus.

Replay it up above.

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