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Stream: Local Natives’ new album, Sunlit Youth

on September 07, 2016, 5:59pm

Local Natives are set to return with Sunlit Youth, their follow-up to 2013’s Hummingbirdthis Friday, September 9th. In advance of the street date, however, you can stream it in full over at Tumblr.

Though just saying you can “stream” it is sort of underselling things a bit; the preview is more of an experience. The page is set up so that each track comes with exclusive artwork, footage, and images from the making of the album. Each song is even displayed with the lyrics. According to a press release, the band was hoping to provide listeners with a true immersive event more akin to how they remember first listening to a new album when they were young:

“We have special memories of racing back from the record store to finally listen to a new album. Digging through the artwork, sometimes even painfully waiting days to listen to a new record in its entirety to make sure the first listen was uninterrupted. We’re happy to finally share Sunlit Youth with you, tied with visuals from the album artwork created in collaboration with our art director Brian Roettinger, to give you that first album listening experience.”

As for Sunlit Youth itself, the album is a far lighter affair than Hummingbird, as demonstrated by singles like “Past Lives”, “Fountain of Youth”, and “Coins”. “We just wanted to be a part of something that feels more positive and hopeful,” guitarist Ryan Hahn explained to Consequence of Sound in our recent interview, “and speaks to the energy of what feels like a new groundswell of people trying to make change for the better.”

Listen to the whole record at the Tumblr site, and check out the opening track “Villainy” below.

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