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Daniel Stern returns as Rookie of the Year pitching coach Phil Brickma for Cubs’ postseason run — watch

on October 12, 2016, 7:53pm

With the Chicago Cubs once again knocking on the door of the World Series, a lot of folks are trying to get in on the action. That includes fictional Cubs pitching coach Phil Brickma from the 1993 movie Rookie of the Year, who has returned to offer his services to the latest batch of young Cubbies.

Daniel Stern, who plays Brickma in the film, recently posted a series of videos to his Facebook page in which he claims that Cubs manager Joe Maddon has asked him to come out of retirement. Dressed up in character and spitting tobacco into a Gatorade bottle, he praises the current pitching staff (“Lester, baby, Lester! Firin’ away, firin’ firin’!”) with the same enthusiasm he once had for “hot ice.”

The bad news for Brickma? The Cubs don’t seem to have much use for him after beating the Giants 3-1 and advancing to the NLCS for the second straight year. But it’s still fun to watch the big dog eat while we wait to see if his former team can win it all.

Watch Brickma in the first video of the series:

And here he is talking about his new philosophy, “frozen fire”:

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