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It’s your pal at the bar, that friendly face by the stage, the first bookmark you click on each day. Consequence of Sound is the missing link between mainstream pop culture and the underground.

Since its inception in 2007, the Chicago-based online publication has accrued a monthly readership of six million-plus for its reliability, precision, and character with regards to music and film. It’s a voice that wants to pat one’s shoulders, not stand on them.

The Internet is a digital playground. Consequence of Sound is the shiny set of swings that everyone races toward. We work off an enjoyable yet proven philosophy: share the fun. As such, our readers are loyal, persistent, and growing. Now, isn’t that what you’re looking for?

Consequence of Sound was crowned About.com’s Best Music Blog of 2010Technorati’s Most Influential Music Blog, and Style of Sound’s No. 2 Most Influential Music Blog.

Consequence of Sound is featured on Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes, and Time Entertainment.

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CEO & Publisher:
Alex Young

President & Editor-in-Chief:
Michael Roffman


Managing Editor:
Adam Kivel

Senior Editor:
Matt Melis

Associate Editor, Stories:
Sasha Geffen

Associate Editor, Features:
Michael Madden

Contributing Editor:
Philip Cosores

News Editor:
Ben Kaye

Assistant News Editor and New Music Editor:
Michelle Geslani

News Writers:
Dusty Henry
Pat Levy


Director of Marketing and Sales:
Dan Pfleegor

Digital Marketing Specialist:
Jay Gentile

Marketing Assistant:
Kevin McMahon


Senior Staff Writers:
Steven Arroyo
Ryan Bray
Dan Caffrey
Randall Colburn
Len Comaratta
Katherine Flynn
Nick Freed
Tony Hardy
Brian Josephs
Lior Phillips
Derek Staples

Staff Writers:
Dan Bogosian
Collin Brennan
Nina Corcoran
Edward Dunbar
Dean Essner
Will Hagle
Henry Hauser
Danielle Janota
Kristofer Lenz
Sheldon Pearce
Dan Pfleegor
Janine Schaults
Claire Sevigny


Film Editors:
Justin Gerber
Dominick Mayer

Staff Writers:
Randall Colburn
Blake Goble
Roy Ivy
Adriane Neuenschwander
Leah Pickett


Video Director:
Sami Jarroush

Alec Basse
Ryan Chun
Brandon Danzyger
Rachel Delehanty
Jillian Moore
Ben Petty
Emma Porter


Director of Aux.Out.:
Philip Cosores


Art Director:
Cap Blackard

Assistant Art Director:
Steven Fiche

Art Contributors:
Kailyn Boehm
Kristin Frenzel
Dmitri Jackson
Jacob Livengood
Virginia McCarthy
Matthew Vidalis


Director of Human Resources:
Matt Melis


Events Director:
Phillip Roffman


Contributing Photographers:
Robert Altman
Debi Del Grande
David Hall
Heather Kaplan
Ted Maider
Joshua Mellin
Cathy Poulton
Wei Shi
Nate Slevin


Brian McMahon

Doejo is the creator of this website. Mondial Creative Labs designed the Consequence of Sound logo. Wasp Mobile designed the Consequence of Sound mobile app.

All content and opinions appearing on the site are intellectual property of Consequence of Sound.


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