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“RiO!Backstage – Schubas”

on February 28, 2013, 11:30am

screen shot 2013 02 27 at 6 51 32 pm Rock it Out! Blog: RiO!Backstage   Schubas

There’s more to a music venue than what you see on stage, which is why the Rock it Out! Blog takes you behind the scenes of the best independent music venues from around the country in a new video series called RiO!Backstage.

Our latest installment focuses on Chicago’s very own Schubas Tavern. The former Schlitz beer tap house is now one of the city’s more renowned intimate music venues, having housed unique, once-in-a-lifetime gigs with Death Cab for Cutie, My Morning Jacket, Spoon, and Dave Matthews. It’s also the first choice of many popular local and younger touring acts, who hit the stage each and every night.

At its core, however, Schubas is a neighborhood bar, and a well-stocked one at that. What’s more, the bar’s connected to an in-house restaurant, the Harmony Grill, which serves up everything from pulled pork sandwiches to winter-friendly macaroni & cheese. So, really, there are myriad reasons to stop in.

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