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“The most tragic rock star death?”

on November 14, 2012, 6:14pm

 riob sami Rock it Out! Blog: The most tragic rock star death?

Did you know Paul McCartney almost died in a helicopter crash recently? Fortunately, it was avoided, but think about it: How tragic would that have been? Hell, Ringo would have been the last surviving Beatle! Quite a hypothetical, but one that got us thinking, Which rock star’s untimely death would leave you completely inconsolable?

Also on today’s show, Sami recaps a ton of music headlines including Trent Reznor’s appearance on Reddit, Blur releasing a new concert album, tour dates for Sigur Rós and Soundgarden, Jane’s Addiction covering the Rolling Stones, Blink-182 releasing a new EP around Christmas, and Jay-Z and Coldplay co-headlining a New Year’s Eve show in Brooklyn.

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