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Listen: Far From Finished

on September 18, 2007, 3:21am

Continuing my promotion of Boston punk bands, I’ve decided to feature one of the most talented groups currently hailing from the city. Far From Finished initially gained reputation for their intense, energetic, and down right awesome live shows, which are considered some of the best in today’s punk world. The band has also put out two rather strong albums, 2005’s East Side of Nowhere and 2007’s Living in the Fallout. With catchy and smart lyrics and an awesome “that’s what punk should be” sound, Far From Finished is pretty darn good.
pressphotosKKGoodman007bw Listen: Far From Finished
Yet, the band has yet to rise the ranks of popularity. Far From Finished has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, after their record label folded in 2006, the band was left without a label to release Living in the Fallout. The album was delayed almost six months. Though they eventually singed with Think Fast Records!, the hype and overall recognition seemed a bit lackluster for an album of it’s high quality.

FFF just finished an extensive US tour and now are currently in Europe, but once they get back in the US, I’d definitely check them out if I were you.

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