2007’s Top 50 Albums: #24 – Costello Music

on December 09, 2007, 9:53pm

#24 – The Fratellis – Costello Music

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With Costello Music, the Fratellis made a simple, but unbelievably catchy album. Exhibiting an energetic, pop-punk sound and equally fun lyrics, the album is what you would expect if the Arctic Monkeys or The Hives took music steroids. And this is what puts The Fratellis in a class of their own. Their energy and enthusiasm is like no other. Album highlights include the infectious “Flat Head”, the guitar heavy “Chelsea Dagger”, and the slower (for Fratellis’ standards) “Doginabag”. And yes, I realize it was originally released in 2006 in the U.K., but it wasn’t technically released in the U.S. until spring of 2007.
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