2007’s Top 50 Albums: #27 – Baby 81

on December 08, 2007, 2:25pm

#27 – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Baby 81

brmcbaby81wl3 2007s Top 50 Albums: #27   Baby 81

Many people considered Baby 81 an average album at best. But in all honesty, 2005’s Howl was a hard album to follow up and I think Black Rebel Motorcycle Club made a pretty good effort with this album. Sure, they’re aren’t as many standout songs and they seem to have gone back to a standard garage rock sound. But as a result, more than anything Baby 81 is a all around, solid rock album with ferocious guitars and echoing vocals. And that’s pretty hard to find nowadays. Album highlights include “”Weapon of Choice”, “Window”, and “666 Conducer”.

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Check Out:
“Weapon Of Choice”
“Cold Wind”

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